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Please review this form before writing your letter of recommendation, and use this form for submission. We appreciate your candid impressions of the applicant and for helping us assess the applicant’s suitability for graduate study in psychology.

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  • The letter submission deadline is Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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  • Background

  • Attributes:

  • 1 (unacceptable) to 5 (superior) with N = No evidence on which to base a judgment
    Academic Motivation
    Affective and Emotional Stability
    Intellectual and Cognitive Ability
    Quantitative Skills
    Analytical/Writing Skills
    Verbal (reading comprehension and vocabulary)
    General Impression (overall subjective feeling)
  • Letter Upload

  • In your letter, please try to address the following questions:

    1. In what capacity did you interact with the applicant?
    2. What are the applicant’s strengths, particularly as they might apply to the field of psychology?
    3. What are the applicant’s weaknesses, particularly as they might apply to the field of psychology?

    In addition, given that we are not requiring the GRE this year, please comment on the applicant’s prior training, research experiences, writing ability, and quantitative skills that you believe help the applicant prepare for a successful graduate school career.

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